How To Secure a Kayak In a Truck Bed [2022]

There are some simple steps to ensure how to secure a kayak in a truck bed. The truck bed is often considered a hard place to secure your kayak. This guide is for beginners, intermediate kayakers, and experts. Many people think kayaking is just about paddling a kayak around the lake or river. I will give you a few tips on kayaking that can improve your experience. This is the ultimate list of kayaking tips that will help you enjoy the sport of kayaking.

First, place your kayak inside the truck bed

How To Secure a Kayak in a Truck Bed 2022

When transporting your kayak, you need to put it inside the truck. The easiest way is to place the kayak inside the truck bed. If you are going to transport your kayak with a trailer, you need to secure it properly so it doesn’t roll around in the trailer. To ensure your kayak to a trailer, you can use a bungee cord or a strap.

Then, tie it down using rope or tie-down straps

While most people use ropes to secure their kayaks, tying them down using string is not the best method.
A tie-down strap is a type of nylon webbing attached to the vehicle and then to the kayak. Tie-down straps are cheap and easy to secure your kayak in a truck bed.
It is usually recommended to buy two or three of these to use them on both sides of the kayak.
Once you have installed the tie-down straps, tie them around the kayak to keep the kayak in place.

Use tie-down points (like bungees) for extra security

Using tie-downs is a great way to secure your kayak to your truck bed. Tie-downs can
be found in a variety of places, from hardware stores to home improvement stores.
They can even be made from plastic, wood, metal, or rope. It is essential to know what kind of tie-downs you need because they are all different. To secure your kayak to your truck bed, you will need to find two tie-downs long enough to go around the circumference of the kayak and two wide enough to go around both sides of the kayak.
You can secure the tie-downs to your truck bed with bungee cords, rope, or heavy-duty zip ties.
Once the tie-downs are secured, you can easily tie the kayak to the truck bed. When you are done confirming your kayak to your truck, it should stay in place.

Remove the seat from the kayak

One of the most important things you can do to secure your kayak is to remove the seat. You will be vulnerable to theft if you do not, especially if the kayak is left unattended. When removing the seat, disconnect it from the seat harness. The seat harness needs to be disconnected by undoing the buckles. The seat needs to be removed from the kayak by lifting the straps. The middle should be stored away in a safe place.

Place the seat back inside the truck bed

To ensure that your kayak does not tip over while in transit, you should always place the seatback inside the truck bed. You must put your kayak inside the truck bed to be well protected. This is because the truck bed is very fragile, and the kayak’s weight can cause damage to it. However, when you have the seatback inside the truck bed, you can easily store the kayak in the truck bed when you are not using it.

Fold down the tailgate to secure the kayak

If you have a truck with a tailgate, it is good to fold it down to secure the kayak in the car. If the tailgate is not folded down, it can be tough to secure the kayak in the truck. The easiest way to secure the kayak is to use a bungee cord. You can also ensure it using rope or straps.

Return the seat to the truck bed

A lot of people leave the seat outside of the truck bed. But there are many reasons why you should put the seat back inside the truck bed. Cleaning your kayak is an essential part of keeping it in good shape. You’ll be sitting in an uncomfortable position, and you’ll be exposed to dirt. If you don’t take care of your kayak, you let dirt and bugs into it.

Close the tailgate

You can quickly secure a kayak in the truck bed by closing the tailgate. You can either secure the tailgate with a pin or a strap, depending on the size of the kayak. For a small kayak, the tailgate may be able to handle the weight, and you can secure it with a pin.
A strap is an excellent option because you can secure the kayak to multiple places on the truck bed.


Driveaway is a popular way to transport kayaks. It’s a method of transport that’s easy to learn and can be done daily. Driveaway is done by tying the kayak to the roof of a car. In this case, we’ll connect it to the back of a vehicle. We can use a simple knot like the one below. You will need rope, a car, and a car key. Tie a basic knot in the rope. Make a loop with the rope and place it over the car key. Make a second loop with the rope and place it over the car. Cross the two loops and pull tight.


If you have a kayak, it’s probably a good idea to secure it to a truck bed. Otherwise, it will likely slide around during transport, causing damage and potentially injuring you or someone else.
While it’s certainly possible to secure a kayak to a truck bed using ropes or other heavy-duty equipment, you may find that it’s easier to just use a kayak cover instead. There are several covers available that are specifically designed to keep kayaks safe from the elements.
These covers come in many different designs and are usually made from sturdy materials like canvas or vinyl. They can be used for kayak storage and transportation and are typically easy to install.

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