How to Paint a Kayak With Spray Paint? [2022]

In this article, we will show you how to paint a kayak with spray paint. Are you tired of the color of your kayak? Would you like to replace the cracks in your kayak’s paint? Are you unhappy with its color? Do you want a new look for it? of all, it’s important to know what is the material of your kayak painting supplies list before painting the project like what it is made of; by knowing this, who can change your steps to how to paint a kayak because it’s essential to select a paint job type that is suitable for such kind of kayak painting supplies that your entire kayak has.

When you see an old kayak on the beach, you might think you could use it as is. But you’d be wrong. Many kayaks that are abandoned on the beach are already covered in barnacles. Barnacles can harm your kayak and the health of the surrounding ecosystem.

In addition, kayaks that are left on the beach can become damaged by wind, sun, and sea creatures. If you want to keep your kayak in good shape for the long term, you need to repaint it. If you’ve never painted before, you may be wondering how to go about it.

Fortunately, we are happy that we will make easy everything you need to learn to know how to paint job a kayak. Here we’ll also give some suggestions for the best quality products that you can use to give your kayak a fresh, impressive coat of paint.

If you’re ready to paint your kayak, here is what you need to know.

1. Get a good-quality canvas. You can use an old kayak, a canvas you already have, or even a canvas from a craft store.
2. Buy the right paints. There are many different brands of acrylic paint, but ensure the ones you buy are waterproof. You don’t want to waste time painting your kayak, which gets ruined by rain or spray.
3. Mix the paint. Once you’ve bought the right paint, you’re ready to start painting!
4. Apply the paint. Start at the bottom of your kayak and work your way up. Be careful not to miss any spots.
In this article, I will show you how to paint your kayak and what you’ll need to start. In addition to the equipment mentioned here, I recommend a small table saw and a drill press.

How To Paint a Kayak With Spray Paint?

There are many steps you need to know when you will start your kayak painting process. The following advice will help you choose a paint job according to the material of your entire kayak. The following tips will help you paint a job.

Picking Your Painting Area

The first important step to painting a refreshing kayak is to select and prepare a place where you will do this whole painting process because you’ll eventually. Because when you start this procedure, you cannot move again and again with all essential equipment like the painting mask used during the whole process.

Spread a sheet down the area you have prepared to start painting a new paint job on your kayak. We also suggest you for choosing an outdoor location for a successful paint job because some paint fumes have an unpleasant smell that you will use during the painting,

Before starting it’s better, to set your kayak’s surface up to the ground. You can fix a solid stand on which you can set your kayak. It will benefit you because you can cover its whole parts you no need to bend.

You need to be safe during the whole process; therefore, it’s perfect and easy to fix your kayak on a solid stand. Don’t choose extreme weather conditions especially when you will use marine-safe spray paint.

Cleaning Your Kayak Is A New Paint Job:

how to paint a kayak with spray paint

When you get ready and set the place where you have to do your prep work, then get ready for the most urgent step, which is cleaning your kayak. for a clean and smooth shiny surface, it is essential to do deep cleaning of all parts and clean it from dust for paint particles, It depends on the type of material that your trusty kayak has.

In this way, if you are using water-based paint or water resistance or something like that you give some time to let it dry it may take a while, or you can use a hairdryer to make it dry depending on the material, as I told you before.

It is suitable for you to use a wet towel despite water resistance, but if you face difficulty removing some sticky particles, you need to try some detergent it will help you clean it deeply.

Some people suggest you use a cleaning chemical. These are powerful as compared to detergent cleaning a kayak before painting.

Preparing The Surface Of Your Kayak Paints:

How to Paint a Kayak With Spray Paint?

The kayak is ready for spray painting. If there is some particular leftover there, you can use sandpaper. After rugging it slightly, the surface will be smooth and ready for paint.

Before applying the spray paint on your kayak, cover the parts of your kayak that you don’t want to paint, like the seat, handle, and underneath the kayak. It will keep these parts safe and clean from unwanted paint spills.

How To Apply Paint Job To Your Kayak:

After preparing your kayak, now it’s time to prepare yourself. Yes, safety is first. You must wear a mask and gloves before starting the painting process. There are there different methods that can use for painting a kayak. You can paint your kayak with spray, brush, or a roll.

If you have a big kayak, then it will be a time-consuming process to use a brush for a paint job, and after this, it will take a long time to dry, especially if your kayak needs a double coat to get shiny and smooth the entire surface.

Therefore, we recommend that it’s better to use clear finishing spray paint because it’s easy to use and a less time-consuming process. But you need to know how much custom paint will be required for your refurbishing kayaks. If you want at least two coats of spray paint, you will multiply its length by two, or you want to make a design then. Also, you have to give it a final coat for a good base coat.

How Long Does Your Kayak Need To Dry When finishing spray paint?

It’s very important to make sure that either your kayak is completely dry or not before moving it or touching it. It would help if you waited until completely dries. The required duration depends on the type of paint that you have applied to your kayak.

If you are using spray paint, it will take only 1 or 2 hours, and let it completely dry before applying its second coat. And after finishing your final coat, rest it for the whole night to completely dry. 

If you are using paint that is applied by using a brush or paint roller, it’s a little bit longer to process finishing paint to dry. Because its layer is thick as compared to spray painting.

How To Paint Your Own Kayak Materials And Tools

How to Paint a Kayak With Spray Paint?

Here are the tools and materials you’ll need to paint your kayak.
• Acrylic paint – You’ll need enough to cover your kayak.
• Spray paint – You’ll need to spray paint if you want to paint your kayak without a table saw.
Small table saw – You’ll need a small table saw to cut the pieces of wood that you’ll need to build your kayak.
Drill press – You’ll need a drill press to drill holes for the rope handles.
Rope handles – You’ll need rope handles to attach to your kayak.
Paint brushes – You’ll need paint brushes to apply the paint to your kayak.
Sharpie pen – You’ll need a Sharpie pen to mark the spots where you’ll need to add the rope handles.
Safety glasses – You’ll need safety glasses to protect your eyes while painting.
Gloves- Gloves are essential to keep your hands safe from harmful chemicals that will be used to paint your kayak.

What Not To Do

Painting your kayak is a fun hobby that can lead to many possibilities. It would help if you always took precautions when using power tools. It would help if you considered some things.
1. Never work alone.
2. Always wear safety glasses.
3. Always use ear protection.
4. Work in a well-ventilated area.
5. Use a dust mask and goggles.
6. Use only quality tools.
7. Keep your tools clean.
8. Don’t let your hands get wet.
9. Don’t expose yourself to extreme heat or cold.
10. Don’t let kids play around you.
11. Don’t work while you’re tired.
16. Don’t work on a rainy day.
23. Don’t use a pressure washer.


Painting your kayak is a fun project. If you can learn to paint, you can learn to paint anything. I would recommend going to a local art shop, looking at their brochures, and seeing what paints and tools they have. I would also recommend looking online for tutorials on how to paint kayaks and the different types of paints you can

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