Where to Go Kayaking in Maryland

Whether you’re looking for easy paddling or something a little more challenging, there are plenty of places to go and things to do.

It’s almost summertime! Summer is an excellent time for many reasons, not the least because it’s vacation time. And with summer comes the chance to get outdoors, especially if you live in the Mid-Atlantic region. If you’re thinking of heading to one of the many state parks in Maryland, you’ll likely come across several kayaking opportunities.

  Here are some of the best spots in Maryland for kayaking.

Where to Go Kayaking in Maryland

Where to Go Kayaking in Maryland

Explore Skipton Creek 

A kayak trip along the Skipton Creek state of Maryland offers the chance to explore Maryland’s wildlife and nature. It’s very peaceful for Kayakers. You can enjoy yourself with your family and friends.

Discover the Youghiogheny River

Kayaking is a perfect example of what a person can do when they have the right equipment and enough knowledge. In the state of Maryland, there is a river that is very well suited to kayaking. The Youghiogheny River is known as the “kayak” because of its size and milder conditions than other rivers in the area. The Youghiogheny River is large enough to allow paddlers to enjoy an exciting day out on the water while still having room to move around. The river is also not too shallow for inexperienced paddlers to venture out into.

Hike or Kayak the Eastern Shore Trails

The Eastern Shore of Maryland has a lot of options. Most start in one of the three small towns along the Eastern Shore: Cambridge, Fenwick Island, or Oyster Bay. There are miles of trails for the whole family to enjoy, including the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal National Historical Park and the Patuxent River Trail, among others. There are many places to go kayaking on the Eastern Shore, but these three towns have the best access and are closest to the action.

Sail around the Chesapeake Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, or the Potomac River

If you want to see how kayaking will help you in retirement, you should take a trip around the Chesapeake Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, or the Potomac River in Maryland. Kayaking offers the opportunity to take in some gorgeous scenery and practice your skills in a sport you love. It’s easy to fall in love with kayaking, and you can even take lessons to learn how to paddle safely.

Visit the Ohio Canal Park

Ohio is the perfect place for a kayaker to visit to enjoy nature. A kayaking tour along the Ohio canal is ideal for a family trip. Located near the Ohio River, the Ohio canal park offers easy access to all visitors. Whether paddling in inner tubes or canoes, everyone can enjoy their experience along the Ohio canal.

Walk the Eden Mill Park

As a result, Eden Mill Park in the state of Maryland provides access to a large open area to enjoy the outdoors and its kayak rentals. Kayaks are ideal for beginners looking to relax or play a sport outdoors. For the most part, kayaking is a very calm and serene activity. There’s nothing more peaceful than paddling in a kayak through the water and listening to nature’s sounds. With kayaks, you can enjoy the many natural settings and scenic areas.

Find the Best View in Gunpowder River 

The Gunpowder River is a famous whitewater river in the state of Maryland. Many kayakers enjoy paddling this river, especially when the water is lower in the springtime. It’s gorgeous. And it’s just absolutely amazing. It’s a pretty long paddle.

Kayak the Pocomoke River 

At first glance, the Pocomoke River looks like any other river. But paddle through the Maryland wilderness, and you’ll find that the Pocomoke River, which flows through the state’s rural northeast corner, is very different from other rivers. 

Ride in Dundee Creek

The creek begins in a narrow valley but soon expands several miles wide. It is a recreational area for kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing, and swimming. The creek is used mainly by locals and tourists. The stream has public access areas, and people often fish, swim, and kayak here. It is also a popular destination for boating, fishing, hiking, and horseback riding.

10. Assateague Island National Park 

Assateague Island National Park in Maryland is a good choice for kayaking. On the park’s southern end, you’ll find a barrier island called Assateague Island, which stretches for about ten miles along the coast of Ocean City, Maryland. 

Preparation For Your kayaking Trip

How to make the most of your kayaking trip? Find a good spot to camp! This is the only part of the camping process that takes place outside.

Gear and Equipment

If you don’t want to miss any action, then be prepared with the right equipment and safety gear. Here are some items you should bring:

  • A waterproof, dry bag to keep your gear in.
  • A waterproof water bottle for refilling your water supply.
  • A daypack that has some organization for keeping track of your essentials.
  • A waterproof, zippered case for storing valuables.
  • A lifejacket to wear for an outdoor adventure.


Kayaks are surprisingly safe when used correctly. Make sure you’re safe for every part of your kayaking trip. Get advice from local authorities, and make sure your safety gear is up-to-date. Check for any warnings or restrictions in place to avoid areas of concern.

Paddling Skills

Your kayaking trip could be the best time of your life, but you want to be prepared if something goes wrong. So, you need to train, train, train. It’s the same as any athletic endeavor, but because of the water, there’s a lot more to it. You can choose a kayaking school or hire a professional, but it is wise to prepare yourself before you hit the water.


In conclusion, to start the kayak adventure, it’s essential to research the water conditions that are best for paddling so that you know what to expect and can plan accordingly. That way, when you have to paddle in choppy waters or places where the wind blows or currents flow, you’ll be better prepared to deal with whatever conditions are thrown at you. And finally, if you decide to take on the Chesapeake Bay as your destination, it’s worth noting that the water temperatures vary throughout the year and can dip below freezing in the winter. A wetsuit is recommended for paddling during colder months.

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