Kayaking for Weight Loss – How Does It Work? [2022]

 If you’re looking to Kayaking for Weight Loss or to build a toned body, there’s no question that kayaking is a great option for you. Kayaking is an excellent exercise and a wonderful way to stay fit. Kayaking is one of the best exercises for weight loss and staying healthy. If you’re a fitness buff who has tried everything from running marathons to joining a gym, you’re probably sick of it. 

If you’ve thought about taking kayaking as a form of physical activity, you’re in luck. After my research, I learned that kayaking is an ideal way to burn fat, lose weight and get fit. You’ll notice that I refer to kayaking as a form of exercise in this post, which is the case because it’s one of the best exercises for weight loss.

Here’s why kayaking is such a great workout.

How kayaking can help you lose weight?

While it may seem like I’m saying that kayaking is a miracle cure for all health issues, I’m not. It’s an excellent form of exercise and a fantastic way to burn fat. Kayaking is one of the most effective forms of exercise, and it burns fat and calories. To start, I recommend that you join a local kayak club. This is because you will have a coach who will keep you motivated and challenge you to stay in shape.

Why you should do kayaking for weight loss?

Regarding physical fitness, we all know that exercising regularly is the best way to lose weight. While you can do this by running a marathon, lifting weights, or even playing sports, you’ll still have to eat a lot of calories. With kayaking, you’ll not only be able to burn more calories than you would if you were to jog for the same length of time, but you’ll also be able to burn calories at a much higher rate. In other words, you can kayak for 30 minutes and burn upwards of 300 calories. That’s enough to burn off around five slices of bread and two pints of beer. And that’s just from the cardio aspect.

You’ll also be able to burn many calories in the water. A great way to get fit and burn fat simultaneously is by adding rowing machines into your training.

How many calories are burned while paddling?

When you’re paddling, you’re working. Sure, you can paddle for an hour or more and not lose weight. However, when you’re paddling for 30 minutes or more, you burn up to 2,000 calories. So, what’s the bottom line? You can’t go wrong with kayaking if you’re looking for a low-impact, non-competitive workout that’s also a great way to lose weight.

How To Use Kayaking To Burn Fat?

You’ve probably heard that you should eat a diet rich in healthy fats and protein to burn fat. While this is true, it is also true that eating healthy fats and protein is not the only way to burn fat. For many people, kayaking is a great way to burn fat. The average person burns roughly 30 calories per minute while kayaking. While this may seem slow, it’s quite effective. If you’ve been thinking about adding kayaking into your fitness routine, here are some things you should know.

Benefits of kayaking for weight loss:

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or build a toned body, there’s no question that kayaking is an excellent option for you. But, how can it be effective? What are some of the best ways to get started? Kayaking is an excellent exercise and a wonderful way to stay fit.

Here are just a few of the benefits of kayaking for weight loss:

It burns calories

While kayaking, you are engaged in an aerobic workout that burns lots of calories. This makes your body in shape. 

It boosts your metabolism:

When you kayak, you have to put in the work. You are moving your body through the water and doing all sorts of physical activities, which is why it works so well for weight loss.

You boost your immune system:

When you’re kayaking, you breathe fresh air, which helps boost your immune system.

It’s an all-around healthy activity:

Not only is kayaking a great way to burn calories and get fit, but it’s also an all-around healthy activity.

Tips for getting started:

If you’re interested in learning more about kayaking for weight loss, here are a few tips to get you started. First off, the key to successful weight loss through kayaking is in the form of calorie control. To achieve your ideal weight, you need to know how many calories you need to burn per hour.

According to Fitness Magazine, you can calculate this by multiplying your height by 0.7. The 0.7 factor represents the calorie cost of your fat. So if you’re a 5-foot-tall person, that’s 1.4 calories of fat burned for every hour you paddle. For women, the recommended calorie burn is approximately 2,000 calories per week. For men, it’s 3,500 calories per week. For most people, that’s about 20-25 minutes of paddling, which is just a small part of the experience. It would help if you also focused on eating smaller portions and less processed foods.

What to wear:

Before starting your kayaking journey, you must know what kind of stuff you need to wear.

Kayak Lenses

You’ll need to buy lenses for your sunglasses. You can get them at any optical store.

PFD Lifejacket

You’ll also need a PFD or personal flotation device lifejacket. They’re essential if you’re going kayaking for the first time.

Kayaking for Weight Loss - How Does It Work?

Kayaking Gear

You’ll also need kayaking gear. I recommend you get a helmet, a vest, a seat belt, a spray skirt, and a kayak cover.

Kayak Shoes

Kayak shoes are a great way of keeping your feet and body warm to burn calories. You can find them at any sporting goods store.

Kayak Gloves

Kayak gloves are a great way of protecting your hands. You can find them at any sporting goods store.

Kayaking for Weight Loss - How Does It Work?


When it comes to losing weight, many people focus on diets and exercise. Kayaking is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. It sounds crazy, but kayaking is a great cardio exercise that burns more calories than running or biking. A kayak trip is one of the top-rated forms of physical activity.

So, if you want to burn more calories while having fun, check out this article about kayaking for weight loss.

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