How To Strap Two Kayaks To a Roof Rack

This is a how How To Strap Two Kayaks To a Roof Rack, featuring tips and tricks that will help you keep them both afloat. You may think you know how to strap a kayak to a roof rack, but you may be surprised at what you learn once you try.

Whether you’re planning to take your kayak camping, go whitewater rafting, or go on a fishing trip, you will want to figure out the best way to attach it to your vehicle. You’ll need to ensure it’s secure so it won’t slip or come loose.
There are many different brands and models of roof racks to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that works for your needs. The most common types of roof racks are: Truck-Mounted Racks – This rack is usually installed on the back of a truck or SUV.
Kayaks may be some of the easiest gear to strap down, but the weight distribution can be awkward. A poorly-constructed rack can cause all kinds of problems. Here’s the solution:

The Benefits of Using a Rack for Your Kayak:

A rack isn’t just used for kayaks; it’s used for many types of watercraft, including canoes, standup paddle boards, and paddleboards. I’ve been using a rack for my kayak for a couple of years now.

A rack holds the kayak securely and keeps the weight off the back. And while I’d used a simple sling before, the rack made it easier to carry my kayak. Not only did it keep the kayak safe, but it allowed me to carry it without bending over. Now I can sit down, eat my lunch while paddling or fishing, and not worry about tipping the kayak over.

How to Choose the Right Size Rack:

The two kayak racks I tested weren’t the easiest to transport, but they did provide a stable way to store two kayaks, even if they didn’t make it easy. Each rack holds two kayaks and comes with a base that can be attached to a roof rack. The base is sturdy and made of powder-coated steel, but it isn’t heavy.

A set of handles on either side makes transporting them easy, although it doesn’t help balance the kayaks on top.

Mounting Techniques:

Many people think of mounting a kayak as a simple task that takes less than 10 minutes.
Mounting is dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So take the time to learn a little about kayak mounting before you go out there and start putting your kayak on the roof of your car. The first thing you need to consider when mounting a kayak is whether you will be using a rack or a roof rack.

Tools and Accessories:

Tools and accessories for loading your kayak onto the rack are vital. It’s no good to load a kayak onto the rack when the rack has no room to accommodate it. The same goes for a rack that’s too small for a kayak. The same tools and accessories should be available to use on every rack.
The first tool you need is a pair of pry bars, also known as wreck bars or prying bars.

These are strong, sharp bars of metal or wood that can be used to push or pull apart large items, such as car panels or doors, and loosen stuck fasteners. You can buy them in various sizes and lengths, but generally, they have one end that fits into a vice and the other that fits onto the rack or into the rack itself. The next tool is a screwdriver or a socket wrench.

How To Strap Two Kayaks To a Roof Rack:

There are many ways to get your kayaks strapped to the roof of your car. I prefer zip ties because they allow me to tighten the straps without cutting them. Zip ties are cheap ($2), and you can buy a lot of them.

I usually get six or eight of them. But there are other options. When selecting straps, keep in mind that they should not slip. My straps slip, and the kayaks can slide off the roof rack, especially when we are on wet roads and the weather changes.

Installation Tips:

Installing kayaks on roof racks is simple. But if you’re new to mounting kayaks, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind.

The easiest way is to use an overhead tie-down system like a bungee cord and a carabiner clip. However, if you are trying to attach something heavy or very long, the overhead method might not work as well as you’d like.

The next best way is using an axle-tied boat carrier, usually designed to carry only one kayak. Finally, suppose you are trying to strap together multiple kayaks (like tandem or solo). In that case, you may need to use a combination of an axle-tied boat carrier and the overhead method.


In conclusion, a roof rack isn’t just for cars. If you have two kayaks and a roof rack, you can carry both of them and still have room for gear, snacks, and other items. With ingenuity, you can strap kayaks to a roof rack with bungee cords. This makes transporting the boats much easier. Using a kayak roof rack eliminates the need for a trailer or vehicle to tow kayaks. So you don’t need to worry about how the road will affect your kayaks or where you can find a safe place to park. Once the kayaks are mounted, you can quickly attach them to the roof rack and then drive off.

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