How to keep bugs out of the kayak

Today, we’ll learn how to keep bugs out of your kayak. We’ll talk about the parts of the boat, what to look for, how to handle them, and more.

As a kayaker, I can tell you that sometimes, there are just no good options and you’ll need to improvise.

After spending so much time designing and building our kayak, it’s incredible to think about what a nightmare it would be to create a boat from scratch. With some luck, we can build a robust and well-functioning kayak that keeps us safe in rough waters and makes it easy to paddle. But we can’t assume that any given design will work without testing and iteration. We could spend weeks or months building, testing, refining, and perfecting, and if the prototype isn’t working, it may be years before we can get back to square one. So how do we ensure that our kayak stays as bug-free as possible?

What do I need to do before the bug shows up?

Step 1: Ensure your boat is clean and free of water. If you have a kayak cover, ensure it is on and secured. This will help prevent bugs from getting into your kayak.

Step 2: Avoid the bugs: If you find a bug in your kayak, don’t touch it. Try to remove it as soon as possible.

Step 3: Keep your kayak away from bugs: Get rid of it if you notice a bug in your kayak. It’s not safe to take a bug into the water with you.

Be wary of using spray on pesticides or bug sprays in your kayak

If it’s misused, spray can be dangerous. Always read the instructions on the packaging for pesticides because they can be harmful to humans and animals. Pesticides and bug sprays can be detrimental to your skin. You will be in a very confined area when you get in a kayak. If you’re going to be in a kayak for an extended period, you might consider using natural repellers for bugs.

Use natural repellents:

Using natural repellents is the best way to keep bugs out of the kayak. You can use essential oils, citronella oil, or any other natural repellent you like.

Use insecticide:

Insecticides are another way to keep bugs out of the kayak. You can spray the inside of the kayak with an insecticide, but you should always follow the directions on the sprayer.

Sprays To Getting Rid Of Bugs Quickly

Insect sprays work by applying a chemical that causes the insect to die. Many chemicals are in everyday use today, but none are entirely safe. Most are designed to kill insects within a matter of hours.

Raid Bed Bug Foaming Spray

It can kill the bugs by foam in hard-to-reach places for up to 4 weeks on surfaces. It is effective against Pyrethroid-resistant bugs.

TERRO T2302-6 Spider Killer Spray

TERRO spray is handy to Kill spiders, including black widows, bugs, brown recluses, hobo spiders, ants, roaches, crickets, scorpions, bed bugs, and other insects.

Ecologic HG-75030 14 Oz Bug Killer

When we use this Ecologic spray directly, it is safe to use around children and pets because it’s made with natural ingredients derived from botanical oil. It can be used on mattress seams, edges, tufts, bed frames, suitcases, kayaks, and more.

Always keep your kayak inside when not in use

Kayaks are very expensive, and if they get wet, they can be ruined. It’s best to keep them dry in a safe place. Kayaks should always be kept in a dry place. This is because if you let them sit in the rain, the water will cause the hull to rot. If you do not keep your kayak inside when it is not in use, it will be challenging to get back in if you need to.

Do not use aerosol cans to store your kayak

If you want to store your kayak in a garage or enclosed area, you should not use an aerosol can. The fumes from the aerosol can cause damage to the rubber seals that keep water out. You will lose your kayak if you don’t have an airtight seal.

How do I prevent the bug from returning to my kayak?

 Keep it clean:

Clean all the areas where bugs can hide. Look inside the cockpit, under the seats, on the floor of the cockpit, and inside the hatch. Use a spray bottle and water to eliminate dirt, bugs, or insects.

Wash it well:

Wash the kayak and everything in it. Get rid of any dirt, bugs, or insects. Then wash the kayak with soap and water. You can also use a bug-killing spray.

Dry it off:

Make sure the kayak is completely dry before you store it. If you don’t dry it, you could bring bugs in when you put it away.


In conclusion, kayaking can be a fun, relaxing, and memorable experience. To make your kayaking even more enjoyable, take some precautions to keep bugs out of your kayak. A few tips include:

  • Use your boat covers at all times
  • Keep your boat closed when you’re not paddling
  • Clean and dry your gear after each trip
  • Clean your boat at least four times a year

Keep your kayaks outdoors if you live near water to ensure you’ll paddle in fresh, clean air. It’s also essential to ensure that your kayak has been appropriately maintained.

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